Anatomy, Drawing & Colour

Karl Knapp 

Is a California based performing artist and painter who has worked extensively in Asia, especially Nepal. He studied at University of San Diego and Art Centre of Pasadena. He was also an art professor at Art and Design University of Kathmandu. He has exhibited projects in public spaces and galleries in France and USA.  Karl has a very strong foundation in portraiture and anatomy drawing, his recent works at portraits of people where you can see his attention to detail and ability to both draw realistically and to push the boundaries of traditional portraiture.  He uses colour in very innovative ways, giving 

his characters a whole new dimension.



In this workshop participants will learn the tools to draw portraits realistically, using pencil, charcoal, and paints. You will then learn to  shade and create shadows using pencil and  colour pencil. The life drawing models will be local Rajasthani men and women in their beautiful colourful traditional attire. Karl  will teach you the basics required to create you own style, and manipulation of portraiture. participants will need to have basic drawing skills.

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