Folk instruments, Using technology, and making music 

This workshop will be divided into three parts. 


Day 1 - introduction to rajasthani folk music and visit to manganiyar community

Day 2 - Percussions with Jeremy Nattagh

and Champe Khan

Day 3 - Using instruments and the loop station with Tritha Sinha and local musicians. 

The music workshop will focus on percussions, collaborations with folk artists, and use of multiple instruments to create melodies. Participants will walk away with having learnt  to use various instruments including hand pan, morchang, and khartal with an understanding of Rajasthani Folk 

Jeremy Nattagh

As a promising classical flute player, young french-iranian Jeremy Nattagh played in renowned french halls and on national radio. Today he has mastered the art of percussions and the hand pan. He performs globally, and has headlined several festivals in Europe. He uses various instruments and the loop machine to create his unique sound. He has collaborated with Rajasthani Folk musicians and will be doing so again at this workshop. 



Tritha Sinha

Recently performed at the Cannes film festival 2019 in France Tritha is a multiinstrumentalist and classically trained singer. She has performed globally with her various avatars ranging from Funk rock, folk, to electronica and recently the use of the loop station. 



Rajasthani Folk Musicians : Champe Khan and Troupe

Manganiyar Sawai Khan is one of the key performers of the famous Mangniyar Seduction group. He started learning vocals, morchang, bapang and khartal etc. since a very small age under the tutelage of his maternal grandfather Padma Shri Guru Sakar Khan. He plays Morchang, Khartal and many other folk instruments. 

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