In this workshop participants will learn about the history of Mughal miniatures, and  to compose, style, draw, and colour using natural pigments. The workshop will provide you the tools you need to create your own version of a miniature. Meenakshi will then give you her perspective of how she takes an old traditional art form and uses it to create contemporary works

of art.  This workshop requires participants to

have some basic drawing and painting skills. 

This workshop is co-curated by Justine Grandchamp


Mughal Miniature Painting

Ajay Sharma is a freelance artist and Master Mughal Miniature Painter of the Rajasthan School who has been supervising a studio of employees and students in Jaipur, India, since 1984.He has apprenticed under the direct tutelage of Master Painter Mahendra Sharma. 

In a career spanning some 40 years, Ajay has devoted himself to keeping alive a centuries’ old tradition and is involved in all aspects of the art form, including composition, drawing, conservation, copy work, and the research and preparation of pigments. His work is a combination of ancient practices inspired by modernisation of India and his life. This is why Ajay makes for a great teacher as

he adapts Mughal miniatures to tell new and current stories. 


Meenakshi Sengupta  (born in 1987), completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (painting) from the Govt. College of Art & Craft of the University of Calcutta and her Master's degree (painting) with distinction (Gold Medal), from the M.S. University, Baroda, 2013. She has collaborated and exhibited worldwide and has won multiple awards including  the Nandan Bose Award. She has a hybrid character to her work, drawing from indian miniatures and western motifs. Meenakshi has already collaborated with Ajay Sharma in a project curated by Shifting Frames (supported by Institut Français et Ville de Marseille) and she will provide a contemporary view point to this ancient craft. 


This workshop is curated by Shifting Frames,

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