Arts & Culture of Rajasthan

This workshop is suited to anyone interested in learning a broader perspective of the arts, crafts and  architecture of Rajasthan, especially  Jaisalmer. Participants will visit artisan villages and stone carvers in the city, spend an afternoon block printing, a morning visit to the musician manganiyar community, and  an artists perspective walk through the grand fort with access to ancient artefacts and stories. 


The workshop will be curated by our in house RETH team, bringing together  specialists from Barmer and the royal family. Days will be spent immersed in the rich heritage, arts, and crafts, with evenings listening to live rajasthani folk, film screenings, and a relaxed  vibe on the terrace of Nachna Haveli. Rich mix is suited to anyone who is seeking a blend of artistic experiences, and doesn't require any pre requisite skill.

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