Sand Animation

Aditya Vipparthi is a visual storyteller who specialises in stop-motion and 2d animation. He is fascinated by the inherent imperfect quality of stop-motion animation which arises form each frame being created and manipulated by hand without any digital intervention. This imperfection is also what gives this medium its charm. 

He currently animates at Plankton Collective, a Bangalore based animation design studio which he co-founded.


Workshop Details : 

Creating sand-animation can be an intuitive process. This medium lends itself perfectly for creating abstract narratives. During the course of this workshop, we will take inspiration form the visual landscape of Jaisalmer to create a short sand-animation film that celebrates the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Jaisalmer.

beginners, animation students, and professionals.

The Art of Storytelling in Animation

Vaibhav Kumaresh is an animation film maker and is currently Founder, Director at Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai. Founded in 2003, the studio has created some of India’s favourite animated content in the field of TV commercials and channel promos: the Amaron Battery ad campaign, Chulbuli for Clinic Plus, Buladi’s AIDS awareness campaign for the West Bengal government, the Vodafone Zumis, Simpoo the angry sardaar math teacher on Channel [V] and Lamput the globally acclaimed, Emmy nominated micro short series for Cartoon Network to name a few. The studio is currently working on its maiden feature film titled Return of the Jungle. A Fine Arts graduate, Vaibhav studied animation film making at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He is an active committee member of The Animation Society of India (TASI) and is currently the Honorary Secretary of the society. Vaibhav also teaches animation and is a visiting faculty at various animation and design schools across India.

Workshop Details :

A peek into the journey of Vaibhav Studios - one of India's favourite animation studio. 

Film screenings

Behind the scenes

Test screening of the work in progress animated Hindi feature film Return of the Jungle. (I request you to retain this wording since it is unreleased)

Q&A with the audience.

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